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“Art of Grooming from the Worldwide experience” ประสบการณ์ในโลกกว้าง...สร้างศิลปะ

.. 1982
At Eiffel Tower in year 1982


ҡоٴ֧ҹŻеҧҡš ǹ繼ҧä 觡ѹ Ҩᢹ ҨҡäԴǺؤŤҵԴ ҡҧºҧҡѹ ҡйҧŧҹŻз͡§ ͧûʺóҧ 硼ҡش Ҩҡ÷ͧšҧ ǹһءҹѺŻ§ҹͧͧ ҹٴ դسҡ鹡

Talking about arts occurring in this world, regardless of field, are gift of the particular person that was born to be. Each person, of course, does not have the same and equal amount of gift. However, to create the sophisticated arts require much more than the gift. Experience from seeing worldwide, then apply the arts to the work from self vision, could make the arts look better and become more worth.

˹ҾҪѧ ѡ դ.. 1982
At Buckingham Palace in year 1982

ҡ ҧҹšѵ§ԴѺŧҹõѴ觢عѢҧ͡ѡɳͧŻ੾е š š ҵ蹵ҵ 觻ШѡµҾǡоٴ ١Ҿ价š ҧ仪蹪ѹҧҡǺ䫤 www.starwoodcenter.com è¼ŧҹѹ˹繵ǧõѴ觢عѢͧ 㹼ŧҹҧ鹹¹Ң鹻Եѵ§µ աСͺ˹ɳʴѡҾ㹡õѴ觢عѢҡشʹ§ҵ 2001

Since Kao Loak Sud Liang magazine (A famous pets related magazine in Thailand) has got a chance to be closed to the different style of grooming which is the individual arts, we think it is quit new and exciting for us. We could say that this sophisticated art of grooming has been published worldwide through website www.starwoodcenter.com which is full of famous grooming achievement in Thai groomer circle. Some of the achievements are even published in many magazines. In addition, it is also a part of Starwoods advertisement in the magazine to show that Starwood had has a grooming potential since year 2001.

ا Ե դ.. 1982
At Rome Italy in year 1982

ŧҹǶ֧ҹ繢ͧç¹͹ŻСõѴ觢عѢ ʵ (㹤Ǻͧзǧ֡Ҹԡ) Ңͧӹ¡͹ س ҸԵ ѵԾԸ »зҹ ҹ ͧ ѪáԵ 2001 㹩Ѻ ҧҹоҤسҹ价ҺͧǢͧҧŧҹ ͧ ʺóšҧ...ҧŻ Ǥسͧ͡͹ ҡԴҺѹҹҹ çҨ繡ǴҧԢͧͧѹҡ سҡǡѺ҅

This mentioned achievements belong to the Starwood Arts of Grooming School (under The Ministry of Education). This school is owned and directed by Mr.Sathit Suratphiphit, Thailand Grooming Champion given the prized by Princess Patcharakitiyapa in year 2001. This month we would like to introduce you on how Mr. Sathit has got his art of grooming achievement under the topic of Arts of Grooming from the Worldwide experience. Actually Mr.Sathit himself does not want to disclose this information to the public since it might seem to be bragging, but he finally told us that..

¹·͹͹ ѧ . 1982
Hairdressing class at London in year 1982



ԧ ҧադʧ¶֧ѵԤҡ͹׹֧شͧ ͧԴǧعѢ Ҩ͹ç¹ҡ͹ ԵͧèѺõѴ鹵 1982 㹡ا͹͹ ѧ ҧ͹ѡ¹ Ѻ¹෤Ԥաȷҧû ҧ Ե Ź ѹ ֧ 1990 ֧Դҹ¢ͧͧ 趹˧ 㹻Ѩغѹѹ¹ç¹͹Ѵ觢عѢѨغѹ

Actually people sometimes are curious on how could he stand up to this point, but he only speak to dog circle that he used to be an instructor for hair salon school. He started to grasp the human scissors since year 1982 in London, England. Then while instructing hair beautys student, he went to learn more about hair beautys technique in many European countries such as Italy, Swiss, France, and German. Until year 1990 he then opened his own beauty salon on Ramkamhaeng Rd. which is now become the grooming school as you can now.

Hairdresser and hairdresser teacher



.. 1990
At Eiffel Tower in year 1990

ʹҷ դ.. 1990
At Mt.Titlis Swizerland in year 1990

蹤ͤáͧسҷšѺ ԵǧûСǴعѢ㹻 1994 ¡÷سԹҧ仴٧ҹСǴԧšѴ鹷ا͹͹ ͹ ͺǾһСǴ 觵ʹҷҹ سҵͧѴ緢Ŵµͧ ¤سͤԴ СǴѹŷš ǹ˭ͧդöҹ੾ ֧դ繺մͻСǴҧٳ蹤ͤáͧسҷšѺ ԵǧûСǴعѢ㹻 1994 ¡÷سԹҧ仴٧ҹСǴԧšѴ鹷ا͹͹ ͹ ͺǾһСǴ 觵ʹҷҹ سҵͧѴ緢Ŵµͧ ¤سͤԴ СǴѹŷš ǹ˭ͧդöҹ੾ ֧դ繺մͻСǴҧٳ

That was the word from Mr.Sathit who said that life in the dog challenge circle started at year 1994. He went to observe a world hair contest at London, and at that time he had imported a poodle for the contest. He all the time groomed the poodle by himself.Mr.Sathit told us that to be the perfect poodle breeding for the contest, knowing how to trim and groom their poodle is essential.

͹͹ ѧ .. 1994
At London England in year 1994





㹻 1996 سѧ͡Թҧ仴٧ҹСǴԧšա駷اͪԧѹի Ѱԡ 駵ǹ֡Ҵ٧ҹ ҹҹ ͧ ա

In year 1996, he had a chance to go to the world champion hair contest again at Washington DC, United States, after that he also took this opportunity to go to San Francisco and Los Angelis too.

Ƿҷ ͪԧѹի Ѱԡ . 1996
At White House D.C. USA in year1996


ӵͧ ..1996
At Niagara Falls in year 1996

ٹ ͧ .. 1996
At Universal L.A in year 1996

¹ͧ ..1996
Hairdressing class at L.A. in year 1996




ҹҹ . 1996
At SAN FRANCISCO in year 1996

зѺա˹ س§ ͷͧͫҡ ȭзͧ ҵǺ͡ ҡšҡ 觷͡ѡɳͧӢͧŻ ͧῪ蹷շشҤ 觷šҧѺ㹴ҹ¤ͧšԴ͡ѹµ» سѧ͡ ෤ԤõѴ觢عѢ ʹῪ蹷çͧ Ҵ䫹 ͧ ԵԴʹҡѹ·

Another impression that Mr. Sathit had experience in the short period of time is Osaka, Japan. This place, he said that he would like to experience more since Osaka is the leader of arts, the best fashion in Asia which is concurred by everybody in the world both hair beauty, which Japan has been a continuous Champion for several years, and dogs grooming techniques which Japanese designers always come up with new grooming style all the time.

ͫҡ ȭ 1996
At Osaka Japan in year 1996


Ҷ֧ç سҹҧҹѧµԴŢͧç¹͹ŻСõѴ觢عѢͧسҡ͹ Ҩʧ ǾѹѺԴç¹͹Ѵ觢عѢѹҧ 觢šŧҺѹҤسǧûСǴعѢ¾ѹŷͧս㹵Ѵ緢ѹµͧ ء§Ѵҧ㹻ȵʹҢʹСǴ µҢͧѡСǴعѢ سŴ ⪵ԸҴ Breeder ˹Ңͧͧ 觷ҹҹ֡ҡõѴ袹عѢҡԡ 繼ѡǹسԴç¹͹Ѵ觢عѢҧ١ͧѡҡ õѴ觢ҡҹáͧ¹Ѵ 觼ءդѹѴҹ зӧҹҹ

Up to this point, someone who missed our article about Mr. Sathit in the previous magazine, might be curious on how could he opened this Starwood Grooming School. Well, as we once used to published, he had entered into the breeding contest circle with the poodle that he groomed himself. Every poodle that he groomed was spectacled beautiful comparable to the poodle in the international breeding contest. And when Khun Pom, Laddawan Chotithada the top leading Yorkshire Terrier breeder of Thailand, who finished in grooming education from United States, saw his spectacular work in the contest, she suggested Mr. Sathit to open his own international standards grooming school. This was because Khun Pom realized that grooming poodle are the fundamental for every groomers.

س Ŵ ⪵ԸҴ
Khun Pom, Laddawan Chotithada
Top leading Yorkshire Terrier breeder of Thailand

ǹҧŻТͧõѴ觢عѢ 鹨Ǿѹѹʺóšҧͧسҧ ҵ˵ؼ... ͧԧҧ ͧԴŻ㹢ҧŧҹҧ鹹Ҩҡ͡Ẻçͧҷդ¤֧йѺçͧعѢ ûСǴΌعѢ餹ѺعѢ觵ǡѹ Ͷ֧ѹ ҧ蹡ûСǴѴ觢عѢΌ Creative styling Contest ԡҹ鹡ѡɳй蹡ѹ öͧ㹼ŧҹҹ鹴µǤѺعѢѴ 繷ʧ ѧ ŧҹ§µعѢͧ鹢ͧس ֧ѡչҧẺ繵ǤҤµµҧԴ դسҴŻСҷҹѹͧ.

ҹµ мŧҹçعѢҢ鹻ѡɳФ·çͧҧẺ㹡ûСǴçšس仪Ҩҡѧԡ 觹Ҵ...

Then, how arts of grooming could relate to the worldwide experience? Mr. Sathit said that he applied his art of grooming from the art of men hair beauty which has some similarity, as seen in many fancy grooming contest that required to groom dog and man in the same fancy concept. The sample of this contest is Creative Styling Contest in America, this kind of contest could tell the story with the groomed dog and man. It is no wonder that todays Mr. Sathit works always has a beautiful model that come up with the same concept as a groomed dog next her. This kind of theme grooming has more meaningful of arts than ever.
Up to this point, we started to realize that his grooming work is very similar to the hair styling in England and American that he had experienced as shown in the photo we saw.


ش سԹҧ价ѡ仪˭ͧҳʶҹҧʺóԵйçѹ㹡÷ӧҹ ˵ؼšѺ ȨչѧءԡáԨء駴ҹõѴ觢عѢդչԴ¹ç¹ҡѧաõԴԴҢҷչա

Lately Mr.Sathit went to Peking to see the great of historical places in order to enhance his life experience which later on become his inspiration for his grooming works. He said that China is now developing every type of business including pets grooming. Lots of Chinese interested in joining Starwood and show interest to open our grooming branch there.

ѡ Ȩչ . 2006
At Beijing Chaina in year 2006



سҡ㹪ǧش¹ ҡʹյҹ ͧ͡ŻѲҧͧз §ҹͧԪҪվ·šҡ͹ ҡ͹㹷᤺ͧʹͧѧ§ ǼŧҹѴ觢عѢͧç¹͹ŻСõѴ觢عѢ ʵ㹷ءѹ ҡ´ǤԴ Ҽҹѹҡ§

Ф...ǡѺ ʺóšҧ...ҧŻД ͧسҷҧҹšԺ¡ҫö֧͡繨ԧͧšҧջʺóԵѹ ǡѺԴšȹͧǤس Դ·ȹѹҧŧҹõѴ觢عѢҪվٹͧ...

At the end he said that if he did not have an opportunity to see the arts and culture of hair beauty in foreign countries before, it would be like such a small limited world that he could only see the peak of the Thai pagoda. And the achievement of the art of grooming for Starwood, the Arts of Grooming School, could not be as variety and applied as today.
A short article, Art of Grooming from the Worldwide experience, of Mr.Sathit that our magazine has raised up today could tell that experience to the world with the enthusiasm to learn more of Mr. Sathit could make a result in creating the grooming work that now become a career of grooming instructor.


Mr. Sathit Suratphiphit
Owner and Director
Starwood Arts Of Dog Grooming School
(The School is licensed under the Ministry of Education)


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