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อําลา อาลัย...Mourn for leaving of The Great Pumpkin...Richy


س? ͧ༪ԭ˹Ѻ ѵͧ͢ѡӤҷѧШҡ仪ǪԵ ͹ҷѧ׹ç˹عѢǹ ͹!觴ѺҵʹԵ ·ǧحس ش ҧСҡд١ Թҷչ..!!

Have you ever confronted with human, animal or some precious livings that is going to be gone for eternity? Like me now standing in front of my little angel dog that will lost his breath soon! In his whole life, he had been given me only his best, never uttered anything back in return even in the last moment of his life that will soon be burnt into ashes in any minutes...!!!

͵鹻 1994 Ǩҡ͹ǧعѢ˹ǡѺú͡¾բ ȼ 6 ͹ ¤ҡ¾ŴѺСǴաѡ˹ ѹ ͹ҧѧó ͧպѺ....觷դ˹㹪Ե ͤ

Ҿá Richy §عѢǹ梹ҧ ͹ ءзҹ͹ ¤ӾٴҡѧѺ....

鹢 8,000 ҷ 仫 ѹҨҧ§Ѻ͹Ҥ ѡҢ ѹͧ

зöѺҹ ѡͧعѢǹ͹ ͹Шҡͽҡ.... ֡㹵͹ ͧ繾ŷ˭!!

Remembered that in year 1994, I heard from one of my friend in pet related business about selling a white poodle, male, approximately at the age of 6 months. With the desire of having a good breed poodle for competition and the feeling something presaged me that I was going to get... the most precious living in my life that I had been waiting for.

Richy in my first memory was just only a puppy, with thin hair, quivering underneath the table at my friends house. He entrusted me of this little angel that...

Take it, he is only 8,000 Baht. He might make you famous in the future. Seeing you take a very good care of the dogs hair, he will definitely be beautiful....

Sitting on my laps in the car, on the way back home, I felt my hand was licked by a warm tongue tenderly like want to flattering to be with me. That moment I intended to make this little puppy become the greatest poodle!!

ѹ㹪ǧáͧ١ѹҧҡѺ Richy ѧդ٢ź͹ ѧѺء椹 ҨФ»ͺ¹ ٺ 蹡ѺŷءǷ ·º¼ԴҡعѢ ŵǹ֧Ҩ§عѢ§͹˹ҹ....

At the beginning when Richy was just here, he was happy to hind himself under the chair. He still did not want to cope with any body even when I was trying to caress him, and push him to play with other poodles. Richy was polite unlike other champion poodle, therefore, this little one was my pet accompanies me as a friend only

˹觻... ͧͽ֡ԹСǴ §ç 红ҧ ç¾繡ѹԹµ... Ѻ繷çСǴ ҧ ٷǵ¾ѹ Richy ԹʹСǴ㹧ҹͧҤѲҾѹعѢҧʧҧ....ءʾ޵ǹ͵͹ ҧҴ¤....

C.C. áͧԵ͹ҧŢͧعѢ˹ С˹Thailand Champion 觵աҹѡ 繤蹵㨢ͧ....Richy ͧ Һ....!! ͧ騺ŧ...͹ Thailand Champion µµ 觷¾....Ңͧѡ͹͡Ҿ繾ŸŴٹ´ ͤԴз....!

But one whole year of trying to train him for the competition, my effort was not only brushing and wrapping his hair constantly, his hair style that everybody familiar with become competition style. With his glossy white hair and long ears hair like a good breed poodle, made Richy beautifully walked into the competition organized by Kennel Club of Thailand. Everybody, who used to see this little shy poodle when he was a puppy, asked me again and again to make sure that..

Are you sure that this is the little puppy who loved to hind under the table?

The first C.C. of his life was like the prize of one dog that would be stepping into Thailand Champion in the very short moment, which was my intension. I didnt know that Richy himself knew about this or not.!!! But after he became Thailand Champion, his story didnt end up like other Thailand Champion that owners loved to shaved their Champion hair to become normal one. It looked very ugly to me. I never even think of doing that!

è Richy С繹ẺçŵǷ·ش˹š зӤѭ.... Logo ͧ Starwood Arts Of Dog Grooming School šҧѡ..Poodle With The Yellow Pumkin 㹷ءѹ !!

Who knows that one day Richy would become one of the most beautiful poodle model in the world and the most important thing, became the logo of Starwood Arts of Dog Grooming School that everybody in the world knows as Poodle with the Yellow Pumpkin

ҧ »зҹ ҹ ͧҾѪáԵ 2001 ѹçõйҤ㨷ش㹪ԵûСǴѴ觢عѢͧ ҡ͹ҧǹТ§ͧ Richy Ҿѧѹͧͧ ǢǨȨ!! ҡҾŵ͹!!١ԴѺöѡͧ㹨Թҡ÷繨ԧ Ms.Therese Backowski õѴԹԡ Ǵ¤蹪й¹㹹Ե÷ԡ ҧ繾ŷ§ش ҷš

Thailand Champion trophy Award, given by Your Highness Princess Patcharakittiyapa in year 2001, is the most honor and pride award of my life. My grooming competition life could not be success without the slender shape and beautiful hair of Richy. The dreamful-like of yellow poodle, with unbelievably long ears and head hair difficult to find in other poodle, attached with the yellow imaginary pumpkin made Ms.Therese Backowski (American judge) admired and wrote the article in American magazine that

Oh my God, it is the most beautiful poodle I have ever seen in the world

§ͧҷЫԺҧ Ԫ ᡷӴҡ ͺ㨹 ١ѡ ѭҳѺҡعѢ§;дҧҹͧ ..! .

I whispered next to his ears Richy, you did great, thanks my love But the sign that he acknowledged my words was only licking my hands and wagging his tails, isnt it!!!

Ҿç....çǷçЧҹ лշ Richy ١Ѵ觢 ҡ躹䫤蹻Եµ §ҡŻШ餹繵ҧŧ µ....§㹻Ш价Ƿءš!!Թ ...Richy ѧ§عѢ˹觷ͧ§ѹ...!!§Դçʹͧ㹺ҧ ҹ...繤٢!!

Every year that Richy was groomed and scissorred into different hair style was published in website and many magazines. It was an art and very beautiful until people who saw him was fascinated. Not only in Thailand that Richy was seen, but his picture was spread out all over the world!!! It was splendid, but Richy was only such one little dog that wanted only meals, my caress and my hug during brushing his hair sometimes. These were only thing that made him happy.



Ҿ¢ͧءš˹ ͧ ŷ§еʹյ͹ǧ! ¤ѹѹ˴....ҹǡѹҢͧ Richy ѧ͹ʧʧº ªͺاԧѺ.... ѹѡشǧ ҡѺ֧֡ͧعѢ ǡҷ....к͡Ҵ¹ӵ ͺس ʹ¡ ª... آش !!ѧ龺 ҡѹ˹...

Ages and oldness are things that cannot be avoid, I always looked at many of my beautiful poodle passed away from me from time to time. Time was so cruel especially time of dog runs faster than time of human. Richy was still polite and did not like to social with others. His eyes color started to change like old people, his teeth started to fall down. If we could know how the dogs think or feel when they are old, they might try to tell us with tears that

Thank you for not leaving me or giving me away to others when Im not useful. Happiest when u are around and not leaving me....

ѹ ѧٺк͡س Richy Ѻ繾ҡѡͧͧ Starwood ҧա ١ !! áдҧ ѭҳҡк͡Ѻء椹 .....!

That day, I caressed and said to grandpa Richy that..

Still can be my yellow pumpkin of Starwood like you used to be one more time? He wagged his tail like trying to tell everybody that even though he was old, but he is not useless.

᷹....ç Ẻ ͧͧ!! 2006 ͧҡѡͧѺҷ㹧ҹõѴ觢عѢ˭ش㹧ҹ Pet Expo Impact Arena

Nobody could replace me, this hair style is mine!!!

In year 2006, the yellow poodle with pumpkin cart was back again in the biggest grooming show at Pet Expo, Impact Arena.


ʴФǷ Logo Starwood ѹ㹧ҹͧѺСȹºѵâͧѡ¹駹Ѻͧ¡зǧ֡Ҹԡǹ...

Ԫ¨ѧ ѧ͡ҡҡѡ¹ Ǿŵǹ ...駹 Ӵշش㹺鹻ªԵ.

Moreover, he was also part of the play on the stage in Starwood Certification Day that certified by Ministry of Education, as a Starwood everlasting logo.

Richy is very beautiful. Many students said to this little old poodle. Who knew that this would be his last time as a yellow pumpkin.

š ҹ » Ҽͧ Ǩʹ绡 ѧ ʹǹ »͹ ͹ù Дعѹ ѹ繷ѡͧ ѡ١駺ҹ մѹҢͧþѴҡҷء....

Very strange, he has never been ill or sick. Every time I checked his blood, the result is ok. But this time needle couldnt pass thru his vain for blood checking. Feed him, give him Brand (extracted chicken soup), and make up your mind said Dr. Sunanta, my lovely vet who has been taking care of my entire poodles. He started to stipulate that the leaving time for Richy was coming soon.....

Ԫ ǡ仹١ ᡡ͹ ͧѧ §ѹҢͧѹ鹡 ѡٴ¡Ѻ Richy ͵͹çҾ͹ͤѧ§ҧ

ͧ᡹ ͹... Ъᡤʺ¡Ҫ ᡤ˹!! ᡤѺʺ .... 鹼ҹ͹ҹ˹ ͷءȡҡ ¾ѹ!!ЪԴ繤 㨤!! ѹ¡Ҿ Ҩҡѹ¤ ѹաҨҡѹ ѧ躹š 繡ѹ ѹԴ֧ ѹءҹ

Richy, if it is too much, just let go. You are like me that have to leave this body, just your time is faster than me I always talked to grandpa Richy when brushing his hair.

I will not cry when your time comes.cause I know that if you go, it would be good for you. You must be tired!!! Sleep and relax peacefully, I have passed many things worse than you because I am human. Humans heart is thousand times worse than poison. Leaving with death is better than leaving alive cause we couldnt see each other again. Leaving alive would be more torture and more suffering since I know you are still in the same world, but can not see you.

ش µҢͧҨѺͧТͨҧ¼çд١ վͧըҡ... ӵҢͧҪ Starwood šѹѡ´ çӢͧҡѺ...Th.Ch.Starwood The Great Richy Boy Ҩ͹ҧҾ·ѧҡ....еҺҹҹҹ....!!

Last moment looked at Richy, I wanted to pressed his skinny and unbreath body into my memory. It is the natural law that nobody can be with us forever. Regardless of how much we cry for Richy, but my memory of Th.Ch.Starwood The Great Richy Boy will never be faded. His photos is everywhere and will be immortal forever.

" So long gone from your life but never absent from my heart forever and ever "



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